Building Flourishing Societies Together: Elevating, Aligning and Reflecting our Best to Create a Prosperous World for All

About The Team

Local Organizing Committee

Team Collage

International Advisory Board members

Name Region
Ada Jo Mann Africa
Anastasia Bukashe Africa
Dirk Geldenhuys Africa
Jannie Pretorius Africa
Mette Jacobsgaard Africa
Dorothy Tsui Asia
Jacqueline Wong Asia
Neena Verma Asia
Sue James Australia
Luc Verheijen Europe
Sophie Vrolijk Europe
Joep C. de Jong Europe 
David Cooperrider North America
Diana Whitney North America
Lindsey Godwin North America
Matthew Moehle North America
Ralph Weickel North America
Ron Fry North America
Gustavo Rodriguez Baltar South America
Miriam Subirana South America
Duncan Coomb United Kingdom
Linda Robson United Kingdom