Building Flourishing Societies Together: Elevating, Aligning and Reflecting our Best to Create a Prosperous World for All

Conference Design


WAIC Design Overview Appreciative Foundations Appreciative Conferencing Appreciative Amplification

We have designed the conference in a way to help us explore the bold question.

How can we collaborate to elevate, magnify and reflect our best strengths to create a flourishing and prosperous world for all?

We begin with an Appreciative Foundations Pre-Conference learning event on July 6, 2015 that allows people who are perhaps new to the field to learn about the Foundatoins of Appreciative Inquiry – led by David Cooperrider and Anastasia Bukashe. For more seasoned AI Practitioners, sessions on Advanced Applications of Appreciative Inquiry (with Ron Fry and Ilma Barros-Pose), Appreciative Leadership (with Joep de Jong and Sophie Vrolijk), and Embodying Appreciative Inquiry (with Neena Verma, Freddie Crous and Anastasia Bukashe) are also part of this Pre-Conference learning event.

The main Appreciative Conferencing will be three days designed around the three circles of the strengths revolution. We will have inspiring speakers, and interactive sessions that invite us to each share and explore more deeply how each of us partners with the spirit of Appreciative Inquiry (inter and intra) in our work to elevate, magnify and reflect strengths for a better world.

Rather than having traditional papers and workshops it is envisioned that these three days will be guided by a creative sharing of our work with a view to learning and benefiting the larger discourse in our field (Creative Story telling).

This will then be followed by a 1 day Appreciative Amplification based on a Summit format where we will come together as a global AI community to design our own positive institution that reflects the work each of us does to contribute to the creation of a flourishing and prosperous world – from South Africa to Nepal to Belgium to India to the U.S. to Brazil and beyond.