Building Flourishing Societies Together: Elevating, Aligning and Reflecting our Best to Create a Prosperous World for All


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Here you'll find a list of all presenters and co-presenters for all conference sessions, sorted by surname or first name.

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By Surname   
Aiello Heike Aiello, Heike  
Alban Metcalfe Juliette Alban-Metcalfe, Juliette   
Anderson John Anderson, John  
Awori Thelma THB Awori Thelma  
Barros Pose Ilma Barros, Ilma   
Bisimwa Jean Louis Bisimwa, Jean-Louis  
Blanchard Angela Blanchard, Angela  
Bouwen Griet Bouwen, Griet  
Bueno Cury Vânia Bueno Cury, Vânia  
anastasia Bukashe, Anastasia  
Chandersekhar Deepa Chandersekhar, Deepa  
Clarke Lyell Clarke, Lyell  
Cockell Jeanie Cockell, Jeanie  
david Cooperrider, David  
Cox Geof Cox, Geof  
Crisp Charlotte Crisp, Charlotte  
Crous Freddie Crous, Freddie  
De Gast Willem Jan De Gast, Willem-Jan  
De Jong Joep De Jong, Joep C  
De Winter Jan De Winter, Jan  
Diezi Reto Diezi, Reto  
Dodsworth Mark Dodsworth, Mark  
Dreesen An Dreesen, An  
Du Plessis Graham Du Plessis, Graham  
Esterhuizen Estelle Esterhuizen, Estelle  
Fialkov Claire Fialkov, Claire  
barbara fredrickson Fredrickson, Barbara  
RonFry Fry, Ron
Geldenhuys Dirk Geldenhuys, Dirk  
Gilpin Jackson Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, Yabome  
Godwin Lindsey Godwin, Lindsey  
Goldman Laine Goldman, Laine  
Grindlay Marlies Grindlay, Marlies  
Grobler Brigitte Grobler, Brigitte  
Gross Claudia Gross, Claudia  
Guse Tharina Guse, Tharina  
Haddad David Haddad, David  
Hojdar Suzan Hojdar, Suzan   
Hoogendijk Cees Hoogendijk, Cees  
Hulme Thérèse Hulme, Thérèse  
Humphreys Mary Humphreys, Mary  
Jacobs Grant Jacobs, Grant   
Janse Van Rensburg Judy Janse Van Rensburg, Judy  
Johnson Sanhya Johnson, Sandhya  
Kamau James Kamau, James Karanja  
Kane Joe Kane, Joe  
Kotze Dirk Kotze, Dirk  
Lamichhane RC Lamichhane, Ram Chandra  
Le Roux Ronelle Le Roux, Ronelle  
Levy Shira Levy, Shira  
Lewis Sarah Lewis, Sarah  
Lewis Myrna Lewis, Myrna  
Lewis Enright Karen Lewis-Enright, Karen   
Lutterodt Justine Lutterodt, Justine  
Maheshwari Sunil Maheshwari, Sunil   
Mahongo Kapilolo Mahongo, Kapilolo  
Malone Patricia Malone, Patricia  
Maxton Philip Maxton, Philip  
McArthur Blair Joan McArthur-Blair, Joan  
Meyer Isabel Meyer, Isabel  
Moore Lesley Moore, Lesley  
Mulenga Chris Mulenga, Chris  
Mysore Sreesha Mysore, Sreesha  
Naik Sudatta Naik, Sudatta  
Nandi Roopa Nandi, Roopa  
Ndirangu Nelly Nduta Ndirangu, Nelly  
Nduka Agwu Amaechi Nduka-Agwu, Amaechi   
Nel Hanna Nel, Hanna  
Netshipale A Joshua Netshipale, Arivhadivhi Joshua  
Niehaus Elonya Niehaus, Elonya  
Pardulski Blagoja Pardulski, Blagoja  
Parker Sally Parker, Sally  
Påske Nielsen Liselotte Påske Nielsen, Liselotte  
Pather Vasintha Pather, Vasintha  
Provence Astrid Provence, Astrid  
Quinney Suzanne Quinney, Suzanne  
Raichanandi Harish Raichandani, Harish  
Ramanathan Pranav Ramanathan, Pranav S  
Ramanathan Ram Ramanathan, Ram  
red zebra logo sm RedZebra  
Robson Linda Robson,  Linda  
Roux Johann Roux, Johann  
Royal Cathy Royal, Cathy  
Rwankangi Ronald Rwankangi, Ronald  
WAICavatar Saccaggi, Carolina  
Saint Dan Saint, Dan K  
Schapmans Marianne Schapmans, Marianne  
Schiller Marge Schiller, Marge  
Schiller Max thb Schiller, Max  
Schiller Sarah Schiller, Sarah  
Shah Hardik Shah, Hardik  
Sharma Sushma Sharma, Sushma  
Slack Tim Slack, Tim  
Spies Nicki Spies, Nicki  
Stavros Alexandra Stavros, Alexandra  
Stavros Jaqueline Stavros, Jacqueline  
Storace Keith Storace, Keith   
Subirana Miriam Subirana, Miriam  
Swart Chené Swart, Chené  
Thallner Paul Thallner, Paul  
Themsen Duvander Mille Themsen Duvander, Mille  
Van Der Merwe Pieter Van Der Merwe, Pieter  
Van Grinsven Saskia Van Grinsven, Saskia  
Van Leeuwen Petra Van Leeuwen, Petra  
Van Maanen Marieke Van Maanen, Marieke  
Van Marrewijk Marcel Van Marrewijk, Marcel  
Van Rhyn Louise Van Rhyn, Louise  
Verheijen Luc Verheijen, Luc  
Verma Neena Verma, Neena  
Verma Pratyush Verma, Pratyush  
Vierendeels Luc Vierendeels, Luc  
Vrolijk Sophie Vrolijk, Sophie  
Walfall Grace Walfall, Grace  
Wallén Björkenäng Elena Wallén Björkenäng, Elena  
Wang Willa Wang, Willa  
Wegst Gertraud Wegst, Gertraud   
Winberg Marlene Winberg, Marlene  
WombaWombaLogo sm Womba Womba  
Wong Jacqueline Wong, Jacqui  
Zaldivar Enrique Zaldivar, Enrique  
Zolezzi Steve Zolezzi, Steve   
By First Name 
Alexandra Stavros Stavros Alexandra
Amaechi  Nduka-Agwu Nduka Agwu Amaechi
An Dreesen Dreesen An
Anastasia Bukashe anastasia
Angela Blanchard Blanchard Angela
Arivhadivhi Joshua Netshipale Netshipale A Joshua
Astrid Provence Provence Astrid
Barbara Fredrickson barbara fredrickson
Blagoja Pardulski Pardulski Blagoja
Brigitte Grobler Grobler Brigitte
Carolina Saccaggi WAICavatar
Cathy Royal Royal Cathy
Cees Hoogendijk Hoogendijk Cees
Charlotte Crisp Crisp Charlotte
Chené Swart Swart Chené
Chris Mulenga Mulenga Chris
Claire Fialkov Fialkov Claire
Claudia Gross Gross Claudia
Dan K Saint Saint Dan
David Cooperrider david
David Haddad Haddad David
Deepa Chandersekhar Chandersekhar Deepa
Dirk Kotze Kotze Dirk
Dirk Geldenhuys Geldenhuys Dirk
Elena Wallén Björkenäng Wallén Björkenäng Elena
Elonya Niehaus Niehaus Elonya
Enrique Zaldivar Zaldivar Enrique
Estelle Esterhuizen Esterhuizen Estelle
Freddie Crous Crous Freddie
Geof Cox Cox Geof
Gertraud  Wegst Wegst Gertraud
Grace Walfall Walfall Grace
Graham Du Plessis Du Plessis Graham
Grant  Jacobs Jacobs Grant
Griet Bouwen Bouwen Griet
Hanna Nel Nel Hanna
Hardik Shah Shah Hardik
Harish Raichandani Raichanandi Harish
Heike Aiello Aiello Heike
Ilma  Barros Barros Pose Ilma
Isabel Meyer Meyer Isabel
Jacqueline Stavros Stavros Jaqueline
Jacqui Wong Wong Jacqueline
James Karanja Kamau Kamau James
Jan De Winter De Winter Jan
Jeanie Cockell Cockell Jeanie
Jean-Louis Bisimwa Bisimwa Jean Louis
Joan McArthur-Blair McArthur Blair Joan
Joe Kane Kane Joe
Joep C De Jong De Jong Joep
Johann Roux Roux Johann
John Anderson Anderson John
Judy Janse Van Rensburg Janse Van Rensburg Judy
Juliette  Alban-Metcalfe Alban Metcalfe Juliette
Justine Lutterodt Lutterodt Justine
Kapilolo Mahongo Mahongo Kapilolo
Karen  Lewis-Enright Lewis Enright Karen
Keith  Storace Storace Keith
Laine Goldman Goldman Laine
Lesley Moore Moore Lesley
Linda Robson Robson Linda
Lindsey Godwin Godwin Lindsey
Liselotte Påske Nielsen Påske Nielsen Liselotte
Louise van Rhyn Van Rhyn Louise
Luc Verheijen Verheijen Luc
Luc Vierendeels Vierendeels Luc
Lyell Clarke Clarke Lyell
Marcel Van Marrewijk Van Marrewijk Marcel
Marge Schiller Schiller Marge
Marianne Schapmans Schapmans Marianne
Marieke Van Maanen Van Maanen Marieke
Mark Dodsworth Dodsworth Mark
Marlene Winberg Winberg Marlene
Marlies Grindlay Grindlay Marlies
Mary Humphreys Humphreys Mary
Max Schiller Schiller Max thb
Mille Themsen Duvander Themsen Duvander Mille
Miriam Subirana Subirana Miriam
Myrna Lewis Lewis Myrna
Neena Verma Verma Neena
Nelly Ndirangu Ndirangu Nelly Nduta
Nicki Spies Spies Nicki
Patricia Malone Malone Patricia
Paul Thallner Thallner Paul
Petra Van Leeuwen Van Leeuwen Petra
Philip Maxton Maxton Philip
Pieter Van Der Merwe Van Der Merwe Pieter
Pranav S Ramanathan Ramanathan Pranav
Pratyush  Verma Verma Pratyush
Ram Chandra Lamichhane Lamichhane RC
Ram Ramanathan Ramanathan Ram
RedZebra red zebra logo sm
Reto Diezi Diezi Reto
Ron Fry RonFry
Ronald Rwankangi Rwankangi Ronald
Ronelle Le Roux Le Roux Ronelle
Roopa Nandi Nandi Roopa
Sally Parker Parker Sally
Sandhya Johnson Johnson Sanhya
Sarah Lewis Lewis Sarah
Sarah Schiller Schiller Sarah
Saskia Van Grinsven Van Grinsven Saskia
Shira Levy Levy Shira
Sophie Vrolijk Vrolijk Sophie
Sreesha Mysore Mysore Sreesha
Steve  Zolezzi Zolezzi Steve
Sudatta Naik Naik Sudatta
Sunil  Maheshwari Maheshwari Sunil
Sushma Sharma Sharma Sushma
Suzan  Hojdar Hojdar Suzan
Suzanne Quinney Quinney Suzanne
Tharina Guse Guse Tharina
Thelma Awori Awori Thelma THB
Thérèse Hulme Hulme Thérèse
Tim Slack Slack Tim
Vânia Bueno Cury Bueno Cury Vânia
Vasintha Pather Pather Vasintha
Willa Wang Wang Willa
Willem-Jan De Gast De Gast Willem Jan
Womba Womba WombaWombaLogo sm
Yabome Gilpin-Jackson Gilpin Jackson Yabome