Building Flourishing Societies Together: Elevating, Aligning and Reflecting our Best to Create a Prosperous World for All



southafricaThe following presentations/papers from WAIC 2015 are available for download (in pdf format unless otherwise indicated):

Achieving Positive Results in Matrix and Project Organisations
Geof Cox & Joep de Jong

AI and Organisation Development
Marcel van Marrewijk

Alan Gray Orbis Foundation
Alan Gray Orbis Foundation (YouTube video link)
Graeme de Bruyn

Appreciative Leadership and Work Engagement
Charlotte Crisp

Appreciative Reflection: A Wide-Angle Lens for Changing Perception
Laine Goldman

Appreciative Strategy:Leveraging SOAR & AI 5-D Cycle To Build Strategic Capacity
Jacqueline Stavros

Cultural Capacity & Leadership from the HEART
Enrique Zaldivar

Dialogic Organization Development as a Practice to Co-create Flourishing Appreciative Inquiry Communities
Chené Swart & Yabome Gilpin Jackson

Dream a Little Dream for Me
Karen Lewis-Enright & Blagoja Padulski

Future of Education 2030
Luc Verheijen

How students shine in their Exams
Mille Themsen Duvander & Liselotte Passke Nielsen

Insights into successfully implementing the bottom-up outcomes of an AI intervention in a traditional top-down management environment
Grant Jacobs & Philip Maxton

Intergenerational Appreciative Inquiry: Flourishing Conversations
Jaqueline Stavros, Alexandra Stavros, Marge Schilller, Sarah Schiller, Max Schiller, Sarah Levy

iRock+ - A Model for Positive Transformational Coaching
Judy Janse Van Rensburg

Let's Talk
Myrna Lewis

Organisational development, Appreciative Inquiry and the development of Psychologically Informed Environments (PIEs).
Suzanne Quinney

The Effect of Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) in Comparison to Problem based Community Development Approach: A South African Study
Hanna Nel

The HEP Story: How 'AI' knowledge aligned organizational capability efforts
Luc Vierendeels & Jean-Louis Bisimwa

Tukae Tusemesane – Let’s Sit Down and Reason Together Enlivening Strengths and Community
Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner Article August 2015
Claire Fialkov, David Haddad, James Karanja & Nelly Ndirangu

Tussle to Trust: Developing an “Appreciative Climate” for a Hydro Power Organization
Hardik Shah

What I am grateful for: A qualitative analysis of gratitude amongst South African university students
Carolina Saccaggi, Graham du Plessis & Tharina Gruse

Workshop: A practical application of appreciative leadership - in 5 steps
Heike Aiello